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Monday, February 12, 2007

SWAT, Police Serve Search Warrant After 10-Hour Stakeout

I've mentioned before my growing scorn over SWAT teams being activated and pulled out tof the Ops van everytime the police decide there is a situation. Here is a classic example of misplaced manpower by the West Valley PD. The SWAT team was called out and they surrounded an empty house for 10 hours while waiting for a warrant to be written, signed and delivered!

This is a stupid, stupid misuse of manpower and it left the neighborhood on edge as they watched the scary, black-clad officers put out snipers and surround the empty house. It seems to me that one patrol car or a couple plain clothes guys in an unmarked car might just as easily scoped out the house to determine if anybody was home or not while waiting for a warrant to be prepared. Finlly, if it was a "known" gang house, why had no action taken place in the past?

Just an excuse to break out the black-clad, scary walk, storm troopers for some overtime pay... Dumbasses!

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